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Church Life in urban and rural areas

Worship, Pastoral Care and much more

Church life in the congregations of the EKHN is manifold. If one is a member of the Protestant Church, he or she automatically belongs to the nearest local parish. In most of the villages and towns the steeples still are landmarks for the whole community. The Sunday services in historic or modern churches are central to church life, they are celebrated in traditional or contemporary ways. Here, the old and the young meet to worship God, celebrate, sing and experience fellowship.

Churches and parish centers are home for groups of children or seniors, for the disabled or young mothers with babies. 13 to 14 year olds meet for confirmation lessons, a youth club gets together and the choir or the brass band practice for concerts. In cities where modern day life requires high mobility the church plays a big role in bringing together the “old-timers” and the “newcomers”, encouraging their fellowship and supporting them in their faith. Often the day care center with places for toddlers turns into a family center, where the needs of all generations are met.

Many congregations are involved in social activities and neighborhood issues. Congregational outreach services provide help and support for the needy. Work against prejudices or xenophobia is part of Christian involvement and many congregations keep close contact with groups of other faiths. In downtown areas of big cities churches are open for curious passers-by and for those who are in search of a quiet place or meaningful conversation. With exhibitions, lectures, vesper services, and concerts city churches are transferred into lively church centers – open, inviting and forward-looking

Bearing witness to the love of God

The EKHN understands its mission as bearing witness to the love of God for all people and in service to the whole society. Through its congregations and a variety of outreach ministries, the church is always within easy reach. Whoever requires pastoral care or has questions about the meaning of life can readily find a pastor or a professional counselor eager to be of assistance.

Worship services are celebrated regularly in all congregations. The church ministers to people during significant moments and decisive occasions in their lives, such as baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death. An extensive network of pastoral care services is also available to prisoners, migrants and persons with disabilities.

Worship, Pastoral Care and much more

The EKHN offers intensive education programs for young people, as well as for families and adults. The church itself, but also independent agencies and social organizations closely connected with the EKHN, provide a large number of social and diaconal services. Centers of ministry led by experts in some of the following areas work in the fields of proclamation and evangelization, of social issues and ecumenical relations, of pastoral care and organizational development.

The EKHN understands itself as an independent and impartial partner involved in cooperative work with other social agencies. It provides a forum for individuals and groups from different backgrounds to come together and engage in constructive dialogue. And the church endeavors to preserve cultural heritage and support the arts such as music, the fine arts and architecture.

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