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EKHN: The Protestant Church in the Centre of Germany

The Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) is located in the western centre of Germany. It includes the southern part of Hesse and the eastern part of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Rhine-Main-Area with its vibrant, multicultural and multireligious centre Frankfurt, as well as the rural areas of Vogelsberg, Taunus, Westerwald and Odenwald.

More than five million people live in the area covered by our church. Of these 1,71 million belong to the EKHN, and another 1,5 million are members of other Christian churches. The EKHN has 1,170 congregations served by about 1,560 pastors - men and women - in parish ministry, chaplaincies and other ministerial services. Most of the congregations are local parishes, only a few are non-geographically defined congregations. The governing body of every congregation is the parish council.

The EKHN congregations run 602 nurseries. The church has 21.021 fulltime and part-time employees, for example more than 722 medical nurses, more than 960 educational and social workers and more than 130 church musicians. More than 65,000 volunteers support the work of the church and its congregations.

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